Cost Control Simplified

Whether you need a team dedicated to keeping a large project on track or an individual or two to help out with special projects, CosTrack has the experienced professionals to help.

Our staff is ready to ensure that your project comes to fruition without a hitch.

Schedule and cost overruns become a thing of the past when you bring our expertise to the table. Our centralized cost processing, auditing and approval processes are supported by our Costracker software, which blends its functionality with your standard accounting systems in a way that provides seamless coordination with your contractors, reducing paperwork and virtually eliminating the need for double-entering data.

Costracker provides you with real-time updates of your project’s status that take into account any necessary changes on a daily basis.

With in-depth experience managing big-budget refinery turnarounds, CosTrack can handle any project requiring close scrutiny of costs.

Project Management Service You Can Count On

Your capital and maintenance projects are too important to leave to chance. They require careful oversight to ensure that the work is done with the greatest efficiency possible.

CosTrack Project Controls gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you will realize the greatest value for your expenditures. Our services are delivered by experienced teams of managers, estimators, planners, schedulers, cost analysts and field supervisors. They work with you to deliver unrivaled information, planning and project execution.

No detail is too small for our highly skilled professionals.

The Difference is in the People
All our project management personnel are full-time staff. We hire, train and develop our people in-house--a model that has worked very well in building a skilled, dedicated and competent workforce. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not work as a “body broker,” getting work and then hiring people to fulfill the contract.

With many years of hands-on experience, our associates provide the competency and conscientiousness that allow you to concentrate on your many other important responsibilities.

Turn to CosTrack Project Controls for your project management needs and experience the value added by a highly-qualified team of professionals

Information is Power
It’s all about control. Control over costs. Control over changes. Control over surprises. The more information you have, the greater the control.

CosTrack provides the highest level of control available in the industry by offering the greatest range of reports customized to your needs, eliminating the guesswork even when there are surprises.

Our proprietary Costracker software is unrivaled in its detailed reporting capabilities. It provides you snapshots of progress at any given point in time so that you have up-to-the-minute understanding of progress and potential problem areas.

Our process of auditing all charges as they occur provides exact daily costing and ensures that dollars not contractually owed are not spent. Our highly-experienced professionals work for you to preserve capital and avoid unnecessary charges.