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Welcome to CosTrack Project Controls

The need to economize and ensure the highest value return on investments never has been greater.

For two decades, CosTrack Project Controls has been providing cost control and project management services to major refineries around the world for turnaround maintenance and capital construction projects.

Over those years, CosTrack has accounted for millions of dollars in savings to its clients through the company’s highly-skilled professionals and its remarkable original software called CosTracker.

While not the biggest player in the game, CosTrack is among the best, and our CosTracker software, developed by the professionals who rely on it, is unparalleled in its capabilities.

Our cost tracking software tool is the essential component of our industry niche, but it is our people who have taken the functionality of the software to the next level.

Our skilled and highly experienced professionals gather and analyze accurate, timely and meaningful information for dissemination to your management team, giving them confidence in the ability to make informed decisions.

We help identify potential problems before they arise, monitor all financial aspects of a project and forecast final results.

We are dedicated to producing the best outcomes for our clients.

A Message From Our President: