Innovative Cost Control Software Keeps Your Project on Track

Costracker is the most advanced and capable cost management software package available. It is based on CosTrack’s two decades of experience in refinery turnaround management.

Costracker is the only cost management software with real-time data capabilities, allowing up-to-the-minute accounting of changes. This far surpasses the recognized industry standard in both detail and timeliness.

With today’s fast pace of change--and the ever-increasing costs of equipment, labor and materials--the more detail you have at your fingertips, and the more timely that detail, the greater control you have of the process. You can get ahead of issues before they become added expenses.

Flexibility to the Max

We offer the only package with daily update capabilities. Our electronic transmission process benefits both the plant and its contractors. Contractors can use their own internal payroll system to enter charges.

Costracker's flexible import capabilities allow us to incorporate the information without the need to reenter data, saving time, simplifying record keeping and allowing for better quality management.

Our Web-based reporting feature allows your management team to access all key performance metrics at any time. Updated daily, current, accurate information is at their fingertips when they need it.

We provide a much larger spectrum of reports through CosTrack's many different formats and filters. You choose the series of reports that best fits your needs.

Costracker, in its third generation, is fully compatible with SAP and other electronic accounting standards, giving you a seamless addition with control capabilities beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.

We offer the best licensing fee schedule in the business. Call us today at 307-473-5383 to discover just how easily and economically you can implement Costracker in your organization.