Teamwork - You, Us and Them

The team we form with your plant supervisors will increase savings by monitoring and controlling the costs for each contractor on a day-to-day basis. Your
supervisors will pay close attention to crew size and scheduling, bringing workers on-site only when they are needed.

Contractor supervisors will be kept abreast of what the contract states and how best to implement contractual agreements. As we integrate the cost
management process with field supervision, the cost management practices will be incorporated into their field management philosophy.

Checking gate punches against reported time results in both tangible and intangible cost savings. Variances that may exist at the beginning of the project
will be cleared up after workers are docked for arriving late or leaving early. During the project, workers’ awareness that their gate punches are checked will
make for minimal variances and will maximize the workforce’s productive time on site.

Contractors receive copies of the gate reports, assisting them in monitoring their crews. This encourages them to use the reports to clear variances on labor
sheets before they are submitted, making their labor reports cleaner and quicker to verify and approve.