Managing Costs: The Ongoing Need

CosTrack ensures that all charges are verified against the contract, gate punches, budget and schedule. The burden of confirming rates and approving costs is lifted from the desks of field supervisors, allowing them to focus on directing the field work, thus maximizing their effectiveness. The whole process opens turnaround costs
to management by professionals, minimizing incorrect and non-contractual charges.

Our procedures, tools and experience allow us to accurately track turnaround costs as the work is performed, rather than weeks or months after the job is finished.
We provide daily reports showing exactly how much money you are spending, on what you are spending it, and with which contractors. All the while, in the background, we are checking and auditing the charges and reporting to you any questionable items or opportunities for cost savings.

Effective cost forecasting is an important component of a successful turnaround. Through our advance identification of potential budget overruns, your turnaround management team can take action to control costs before they are incurred. Working with your schedulers to determine completion percentages, we provide timely, accurate cost variance and forecasting reports by contractor, by unit, or by equipment type. This is the information your management team needs to stay ahead
and in control of turnaround costs.

The daily reporting feature of Costracker ensures that we can immediately identify problem areas that, left unchecked, could easily snowball into huge expenditures.